Friday, 9 August 2019

E&D NEWS: Newcastle Herald spots UON Psychology research about the critical link between social class and sleep

PhD candidate Romany McGuffog was interviewed this week by the Newcastle Herald about her research on the important link between social class and sleep, following Romany’s contribution to the Newcastle Pint of Science in May.

As the news article highlights, Romany’s research shows that people from lower social classes tend to have poorer mental and physical health, and that sleep can partly explain this relationship. The research also informs the types of sleep interventions that can be implemented: People from lower social classes may find having a regular sleep schedule harder to implement if they have multiple jobs with different work times. Therefore, sleep interventions aimed at improving mental health need to be applicable to people from a variety of social class background.
Social class is a relevant and important issue for Australians to discuss. Previous literature however shows that the impact of social class on health is not restricted to Australia but has been found in various countries around the world.

To read the article about Romany’s research from the Newcastle Herald, follow the link here.

The article provides a great insight to the research that Romany has been working on, and is a wonderful example of research dissemination to a wider audience. Both the presentation at the Pint of Science and the news article were excellent ways to share research to a non-academic audience.

Romany is set to submit her PhD thesis on the 22nd August, under the supervision of A/Prof Mark Rubin, A/Prof Stefania Paolini, and Dr Kylie McIntyre.

For any questions or to discuss further, contact Romany at: | Twitter: @RomanyMcGuffog