Friday, 10 August 2018

CBMHR Early Career Researcher conference

PhD Students and Postdocs from the School of Psychology recently presented talks and posters as part of the Priority Research Centre for Brain and Mental Health’s (CBMHR) annual Early Career Researcher (ECR) conference. The conference brings together ECRs working in preclinical neurobiology, psychological processes, and mental health across several different schools at the University of Newcastle. Our psychology ECRs presented on topics across cognitive, clinical, social, and biological psychology. We’d like to thank all the psychology presenters, who gave excellent and engaging talks and posters: Alexander Thorpe, Mattsen Yeark, Jade Goodman, Paul Garrett, Sharon Hollins, Ashlea Rendell, Gavin Cooper, Jon-Paul Cavallaro, Max Katz-Barber, and Yasser Saeedian,

We’d also like to congratulate the prize-winners from the School of Psychology!
Jade Goodman won Best Talk for her work with Associate Professor Kerry Chalmers and Dr Emily Freeman on the associations between childhood trauma and working memory ability in adulthood.

Alexander Thorpe was the runner-up for Best Talk for his work with Dr Keith Nesbitt, Associate Professor Ami Eidels, and Conjoint Associate Professor Rachel Heath on measuring workload capacity with a continuous task.

Jon-Paul Cavallaro won Best Poster for his work with Professor Scott Brown and Dr Guy Hawkins on consumer choices under time pressure.

Thanks to everybody who was involved, and we hope to see you next year!

Elise Kalokerinos, Sally Hunt, and Guy Hawkins
Psychology Early Career Researcher Representatives on the Centre for Brain and Mental Health Research Committee