Tuesday, 27 February 2018

Engage with prominent international visitors in Cognitive and Mathematical Psychology

The School of Psychology is proud to host research visits by two prominent international researchers, distinguished Prof James Townsend from Indiana University, and Prof Cheng Ta Yang from the National Cheng Kung University, Taiwan. This is a remarkable opportunity for students and staff to engage with world-class researchers in the areas of Human Cognition and Mathematical Psychology. If you would like to meet Prof Townsend or Yang during their visit please contact Ami Eidels at Ami.Eidels@newcastle.edu.au

Prof Cheng Ta Yang's areas of research are primarily visual cognition and attention, visual memory and object recognition, with a focus on both experimentation and modeling. Prof Yang heads the visual cognition and modeling lab in National Cheng Kung University, Tainan, and in 2015 was elected the Outstanding Young Persons (Science and Technology Research Development category), Junior Chamber International, Taiwan.

Prof Jim Townsend is one of the most notable Mathematical Psychologists in the world. He developed ground breaking and widely applicable methods for uncovering the nature of mental processes, based on behavioral measures such as response times and accuracy. Prof Townsend served as the president of the society for Mathematical Psychology, and Editor in Chief of the Journal of Mathematical Psychology, and is currently a distinguished Prof in Indiana University, Bloomington, allegedly one of the top 2-3 cognitive modeling centers world-wide.

During their visit our distinguished guests will give seminars on their research in the Cognitive Group time slot, Thur 12-1pm (Keats room). You are warmly welcomed to attend:

Prof Yang: Thur March 1, 12-1pm in the Keats room.
Title: Systems factorial technology provides new insights on the perceptual decision-making process.

Prof Townsend: Thur March 8, 12-1pm in the Keats room.
Title: TBA

The visits are supported by ARC Discovery Project grant and Keats Endowment grant.