Monday, 8 May 2017

Community engagement and healthy living with psychosis

Health and Clinical Research Group Seminars

Community engagement in providing services to people with psychotic illness, with reference to SHIP – the Survey of High Impact Psychosis, and CM Engage


Healthy living intervention in people with psychosis.

Dr Mary-Claire Hanlon and Ms Doreen Mucheru

10th May, 12 noon
Keats Reading Room (AVLG17 Psychology Building)

 The Survey of High Impact Psychosis (SHIP) was conducted nationally in Australia, and the Lower Hunter New England (HNE) region participated. We’ll revisit SHIP – how it was conducted, what were some of the pertinent outcomes, and the opportunities for further research that SHIP now provides. One of those opportunities is in deepening our understanding of the community management now being provided for people with psychotic illnesses, and how we can assist community managers to understand and implement research evidence in their practice. Through CM Engage, we are paving the way for deep engagement between researchers, the Mental Health services and the community management organisations. One way of doing this will be to provide a healthy living program – thereby providing the evidence base for translation of research through action research projects at the community management level.

Dr Mary-Claire Hanlon completed her Bachelor of Science as a mature-age student at Newcastle, followed by Honours in Psychology and a PhD in Psychiatry into social cognition in schizophrenia. Together with Dr Linda Campbell, Mary-Claire was one of two HNE Site Coordinators on SHIP. Mary-Claire now facilitates clinician-researcher education , development and support at the Calvary Mater Hospital whilst also being the SHIP Key contact for HNE and Orange sites. Mary-Claire continues to analyse and report on SHIP outcomes, while developing CM Engage with community managers. Miss Doreen Mucheru completed her Bachelor of Nutrition and Dietetics, with Honours, at Newcastle; and has recently converted her Masters of Philosophy into a PhD, preparing for the healthy living program in CM Engage. Doreen has already had her first paper published (from her Honours thesis) and had another recently accepted for publication.