Wednesday, 25 May 2016

EQUITY & DIVERSITY SERIES: research presentation on cognitive styles and mental health

The next meeting of the Social and Organisational Psychology Research Group will be held at 12.00pm on Tuesday 31st May in the Keats Reading Room, Psychology/Aviation Building (AVLG17), with video link to the Science Offices at Ourimbah.

We will be listening to Monica Gendi’s PhD Research Presentation titled “Moderators and Mediators of the Relation Between Need for Closure and Mental Health.” Monica’s supervisors are Mark Rubin and Emina Subasic. Her abstract and bio are provided below.

A negative relationship between need for closure and mental health has been established (e.g., Roets & Soetens, 2010). However, the mechanisms of this effect remain largely unexplored. In this research we aim to a) investigate the causal direction of the relationship between need for closure and mental health, b) identify the moderators and mediators of the relationship, and c) parse out the relative effects of the five subfactors of the need for closure. We hope that this investigation will help identify possible avenues for interventions to improve the mental health of people with a high need for closure.

Monica Gendi is a PhD candidate in social psychology under the supervision of Dr Mark Rubin and Dr Emina Subasic. She completed her Bachelor of Psychology with Class 1 Honours at the University of Newcastle in 2015 and was awarded the Australian Psychology Society Award for Effort and Achievement for her honours project. Monica has dabbled in various kinds of research assistant work since 2013, including involvement with systematic literature reviews, project management, and data analysis. After graduation Monica hopes to work as a researcher in academia, government, or industry.