Wednesday, 19 November 2014

Italian Prime Minister Meets School's and UON Staff at post-G20 function

The Italian Prime Minister Matteo Renzi met with UON staff at post-G20 function. The Italian PM met Sydney’s Italian-Australian representatives, business community and Italian researchers at Doltone House on Sunday evening. The Italian PM expressed an interest in UON staff’s personal experience of Australian academia.
In the photograph, Italian PM Matteo Renzi (on the left), Dr Andrea Coda (School of Health Sciences; second left), Dr Stefania Paolini (School of Psychology; second right) and Dr Anna Giacomini (School of Engineering; on the right). Also present at the event, Dr Michela Simone (School of Environmental and Life Sciences) and Anna Rosa Gualtieri (School of Mathematical and Physical Sciences), who attended the function as Italian Vice-Consulate of Italy in Newcastle.
This was the first ever visit of an Italian Prime Minister to Australia. His visit was well received by those in attendance, as he highlighted the historical and cultural links between Italy and Australia and how migration, research and business interchange have benefitted both countries and local cultures. He also talked about the need for Italy to change in order to attract foreign investment. 

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