Friday, 8 November 2013

Special Colloquium Dr Tony Simon Tuesday 19 November

Next week Dr Tony Simon from the UC Davis MIND Institute is visiting Newcastle. I have asked Tony to give a talk for the School on Tuesday the 19th of November at 11.30 in the Keats Room. I know it is late notice and not on our usual colloquium day but I hope that as many as possible can attend. Tony is an excellent speaker and does research that will be of interest to many in the School.

Dr. Tony J. Simon is a paediatric cognitive neuroscientist with a primary interest in clinical translational research. His studies focus on the cognitive, affective and neural basis of learning difficulties and psychopathologies that arise in genetic disorders. Dr. Simon’s primary methodology is the use of hypothesis-driven experimental tasks to characterize and measure cognitive and affective processing. His group’s current focus is on attention and aspects of executive function, such as cognitive control and working memory, as well as affective processing of fear and threat. The focus specifically is on how these “cold” and “hot” factors vary dynamically to impact cognitive processing and emotional regulation. The clinical translational research program incorporates standardized clinical measures of anxiety, adaptive functioning and psychopathologic symptomology as well stress biology to further understand the interaction of factors that contribute to each individual’s status as what Dr. Simon and his team refer to as “copers” or “strugglers”. To assess the neural basis of these factors the team acquires data on brain morphology, function and connectivity using T1-weighted structural images, diffusion weighted images, resting-state functional images and electrophysiological/event-related potential data.

All welcome for more information please contact Linda Campbell