Wednesday, 28 August 2013

Special Presentation: Dr. Corneilia Herbert on how we process emotions 12-1pm, Thursday 29th August, AVLG17

The school of psychology is proudly hosting a special presentation by Associate Professor Cornelia Herbert
from the School of Psychology at the Catholic University of Eichstätt.

TITLE: Emotion processing and its regulation: What words can tell us about it.

WHERE AND WHEN: The talk will be given at 12-1pm on Thursday 29th August in the Aviation Building (AVLG17). There will also be video-conferencing to room AV3 in the Library at Ourimbah.

For more information on this talk, or to meet with Dr. Herbert, please contact Prof. Peter Walla (

•    Catholic University of Eichstätt: Psychology, Diploma Thesis: Short
term effects of endurance training on cardiovascular and autonomic reactivity, behavior and personality
•    Institute for Frontier Areas of  Psychology and Mental Health: Experimental and neurophysiological research on consciousness, anomalous experiences and paranormal belief
•    University of Konstanz: PHD in Psychology, Doctoral Thesis: Emotional words obtain priority in processing, Viva in Clinical Psychology, General Psychology and Exercise Physiology
•    University of Würzburg: Post-Doc and Research Fellow at the Department of Psychology I (work group: Biological Psychology, Clinical Psychology and Psychotherapy & work group: Intervention Psychology)
•    German Research Foundation project about “Emotions on our mind”
•    Since October 2012: German Sport University: Department of Performance Psychology (Emotion-Cognition-Lab)

Research Interests
Emotion and emotion regulation in social and clinical contexts with a specific focus on
•    language x emotion interactions
•    emotional self-other discrimination
•    emotional awareness and the processing of one’s own feelings
•    mind-body interactions (mental representation of the body)
•    development of neurophysiological paradigms and biopsychological interventions for the treatment of disorders of consciousness
•    depression, body image disturbances and eating disorders